Slate/Tile Roofing

Along with providing excellent protection against weather, tile roofing offers a distinctly unique look to fit your style. Slate roofing tiles maintenance typically consists of broken, chipped or cracked tiles caused from natural contraction and expansion of the structure, settling and various trades accessing the roof (i.e. painters, gutter crews, Christmas light installers, window cleaners, etc.). The slate roofing pieces need to be removed and replaced sooner than later.

Slate shingles are made from natural slate rock that is hand split, giving the tile edges a beautifully non-uniform appearance. Synthetic slate shingles are made of recycled materials and are modeled after natural slate with chisel marks to add the unique, imperfect look of slate rock!

Slate Shingles Roofing

Slate roofing is known as one of the highest qualities, longest-lasting, roofing materials on the market. Along with being aesthetically pleasing, it is also very durable. Slate roofing tiles are cut from a metamorphic rock which is highly durable, trimmed mostly by hand labor into the required sizes and thicknesses. A slate roof is really a custom-made job and gives character to a building unlike that of any other type of roofing.

From an environmental standpoint, slate is 100% eco-friendly; it is a natural product of the Earth and is completely safe to put back in the ground.

Slate/Tile Roofing Service


Slate is an excellent choice for you if you would prefer something natural, organic, and environmentally friendly because this material comes from the earth. Slate offers amazing protection against weather conditions such as strong winds and rain but do not fair to well when impacted by medium to large sized hailstones. Slate roofs are one of the most naturally fire-resistant roofs in existence.

One aspect to keep in mind when considering slate, is the weight. It is a very heavy material so it is pertinent that the structure be engineered properly to support the additional weight. Slate roofing is a beautiful asset that will undoubtedly add value to any home. Due to its durability, with proper installation (i.e. flashings, penetrations, underlayment, etc.) the chance of any repairs or issues arising is minimal when compared to other roof systems.

Slate roofing can easy last between 80 and 100 years if properly installed and inspected over its lifetime.


Although tile roofing costs more upfront than other roofing materials, because of its expected lifespan of 50 years or more, it’s less costly over the long term. It’s easy to see why Tile roofing is a smart investment, When you weigh all of the benefits of a tile roof against other roofing options.

Tile roofing is a great low-maintenance choice. Tile roofs only need periodic professional maintenance. In fact, manufacturer warranties on tile roofs tend to be far more comprehensive than warranties on traditional shingle roofs, since this roofing material is such a durable choice. Initial costs for tile roofing are higher, although the longevity of a tile roof is about 3-5 times that of other roofing options. The flashing, underlayment and components are a very important piece to the long-term performance.

Tile Roofing Service

The tile is produced in clay, concrete, or modern material blends for strength, colorfast beauty, and amazing longevity. The tiles do not bend or scratch, and the colors do not typically fade. Tile roofing is one of oldest methods in existence. With proper maintenance, tile roofs can last over 50 years. Tile will withstand harsh weather, such as, high winds, and hail. When it’s properly installed, tile is one of the few types of roof systems that can withstand the winds of up to 150 miles per hour.

It is known for being the highest in fire protection, with a Class A rating. There are various tile manufacturers to choose from that offer Cool Roof Rating Council and are Energy Star qualified.

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