Annual Roof Inspection

The problem is most homeowners take the roof over their heads for granted, seldom thinking about it until leaks start showing up. Having a regular roof inspection is important for your home so you can catch problems early and stop more damage from happening. An inspector will strive to find problems and advise on how to fix them before more serious damage can occur. It can also help your roof last up to twice as long as it would without instructions. Here are more benefits of having a regular roof inspection.

The idea is to catch them while they’re small…. In most cases, unless in the event of a major storm, roof problems don’t develop overnight. They start small and progress to full-blown disasters. An inspection by someone familiar with early warning signs can correct problems before they go too far. Having a professional roofer conduct regular inspections will help you ensure potential mistakes are found before they become a huge issue. In fact, we have seen roofs last twice as long simply by being inspected every other year, fixing any issues along the way.

Annual Roof Inspection

If repairs weren’t done properly, you are likely to experience even more problems down the line. Regular roof inspections will catch a bad repair job before it transforms into a huge issue and cost you hundreds of dollars to fix.

Crewversary Annual Roof Inspection

  • An inspection every two years
  • Maintain warranty coverage
  • Inspect – Maintain – Clean – Warranty
  • Inspection for damages and abnormal wear & tear
  • Know your roof is up to current Texas building codes
  • Protect from unnecessary roof leaks
  • Increase roof life expectancy.
  • Storm Response Priority
  • Enjoy a worry-free, clean roof
  • Immediate emergency response after a storm
Crewversary Annual Roof Inspection

Most roofing product manufacturers require documented periodic inspections to maintain warranty coverage. Only a certified contractor can perform such inspections. Cleaning companies are not certified, and they end up causing damage which you must pay to repair. Let Crewlyn Contracting take away the hassle! We are proud to offer our Crewversary program to roof owners, regardless of who installed your roof. This program is an every-other-year service designed to keep your roof healthy, looking fresh, and increase the remaining life.

When you choose Crewlyn Contracting for a new roof installation, you are automatically qualified for our maintenance program. This program incorporates periodic inspection, assessment and estimating for any needed repair.

Every roof is different – and yours is no exception. For a free estimate, call today. We’ll come to your home when it’s convenient for you, examine your roof, and present you with a thorough estimate at no cost to you. Call today!

Roof maintenance can easily be forgotten about, but roof repair and replacement can cost a lot. Plan for the future now by doing regular roof maintenance.

Roofing maintenance is one of the many roofing services we offer. It is easy to think that unless there is a problem with your roof, there’s no reason to call us, but roofing maintenance is just as important as the maintenance you perform on your car or your HVAC system.

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