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You’ll find that we are a different from other commercial roofing contractors. When you call us, we recognize that you are depending on us to provide you with an honest opinion. We are not salesmen. We are simply extending our knowledge and expertise, in order for you to make the best educated decisions, in the best interest of your property. After completing a professional inspection, if roof specs are not provided from an architect or engineer, we will provide you recommendations tailored for your specific roof. Once you have a clear picture and we have answered all of your questions and concerns, we work together to deliver the best services for your commercial building and budget. We are experienced in all aspects of the roofing process.

Commercial Roofing Contractor

We produce accurate proposals that allow for assorted options such as Single-ply Systems, Composition, Metal, and more. We understand your building is an important asset to you, and it is our priority to make sure your roof looks great, performs and sustainable for years to come. Although we understand the complexities of providing the absolute best in commercial roofing installations, we respect that you may have customers or tenants on site, so we strive for minimal or no impact on your daily operations.

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Single-Ply Membrane


Single-ply membranes are generally categorized as either thermoplastic or thermoset. Single-ply membranes can be installed fully adhered or mechanically attached. Single-Ply Roofing membranes are systems that are applied in one layer.

Single-Ply membranes come in basic types:

  • Fully-Adhered
  • Mechanically-Fastened
  • Partially-Adhered
  • Self-Adhered.

Seams of Single-Ply Membranes will be heat welded.

Low Slope Single Ply Membrane Roofs

Single-ply roofing materials can be installed over an approved roofing substrate (up to a certain total number of layers, depending on the jurisdiction and local building codes. This allows for faster installation, reduced material costs, and easier installation. When compared to multi-layered systems, these advantages have become very appealing to owners, property managers, and general contractors of commercial buildings. It’s important to understand the various low slope single ply membrane options to determine the best fit for your building.

Tapered poly-iso systems can be designed to create slopes to designated drains and scuppers, or can be utilized to create slopes for drainage needs and provide additional R-value (insulation thickness determines R-value which will be designed specifically for the roof on your building).

PVC Roofing/Poly Vinyl Carbonate

These systems are among the easiest single-ply roofing membranes to install and heat-weld together. They are able to resist various chemical effluents. PVC provides superior resistance to punctures and tears. PVC systems can be tailored for roofs that are exposed to concentrations of grease, oils and many kinds of fuels.

Membranes come in varying thicknesses to meet your specific requirements and are available in varying roll widths. There are class-4 hail resistant options available for PVC systems, ask for details.

Flat/Low-Slope Roofs

It’s understandable to think that a multi-layer material would be the best way to achieve maximum durability, however, there are a number of reasons as to why single-ply roofing is a superior option. You can be confident in the quality. It is manufactured in factories that monitor quality control in a strict manner. This quality assurance has ultimately caused multi-ply or built-up roofs to become almost non-existent.

Single-ply membranes accommodate the unconventional roof designs, due to its light weight flexibility. Typically it is lighter in color, PVC membranes can reflect enormous amounts of radiant energy, up to 80%, therefore offers significant reduction in energy use. The larger your flat roof is, the greater the energy savings.

Commercial Roofing

A PVC membrane is a great choice for your flat roof. Some of the benefits include endurance, economical, and easy servicing
Low-slope roofing, or flat roofing, can invite problems, such as ponding, compressed insulation, and UV ray degradation from baking under the sun..

Flat or low-slope roofing is an asset to commercial building managers. It allows the roof to be used for many purposes, such as, housing the HVAC systems, signs, even helicopter landing pads, and more. Given Texas’ history of rough weather, it is often a necessity to replace your flat roof, which can be a major Capital investment for your business.

Indications it may be time for your Flat Roof Replacement

Your repair costs’ are increasing. Tears, open seams, or missing membrane, or Crazing, crackling, bubbles, buckles or other irregularities. Ponding or water infiltration. Compressed insulation or high humidity inside the structure.

We can help you prepare your flat roof for anything Mother Nature throws at it. Crewlyn Contracting has decades of experience with the finest PVC membrane and finest installations of single-ply roof systems.


Standing- Seam Metal roofing is a staple of the commercial roofing market, and with the right panel profile, system components and installed correctly, the material produces outstanding durability, design flexibility and low lifecycle costs. Standing-seam Metal provides commercial grade performance, while allowing a low-maintenance solution. With the metal manufacturers we utilize, they offer exceptional protection against harsh weather conditions, and resist decay, and minimal discoloration.

Crewlyn Contracting has the capacity and expertise to fabricate panels on site for some projects and/or fabricate at a local facility, to be delivered to the job site.

Standing- Seam Metal Roofing

You are offered a wide range of products, colors, gauges, panel profiles, snap-lock and mechanical seams allowing the design of your building to fit your specific needs.

Standing- seam Metal roofs are insulated with a radiant barrier effect and could even reduce your energy costs, with certain color finishes being energy star rated. The Metal provides a lighter-weight alternative to some other roofing materials, making it friendlier to your building’s structure.

Crewlyn Contracting, LLC provides Roofing & Construction services for central Texas. Our roofing contractors service Austin as well as TempleCedar Park, Bernet, Leander and other surrounding areas. Not only do we provide residential roofing services, but also commercial roofing in Austin and other surrounding cities.

We offer free inspections! After the onsite assessment has been completed Crewlyn will provide a no-obligation estimate

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