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Filing roof insurance claims can appear complex, as navigating the insurance vocabulary itself, can seem like a barricade. To accomplish a claim properly, it takes diligence and sometimes numerous conversations between the contractor and claims department before determination. It is imperative to choose a contractor that is not only experienced with insurance claims, but reputable and reliable. Choosing a contractor that travels to the latest storm locations, could pose problems should you need to contact them once your job is complete. Because traveling contractors chase the latest storms, it is typical for them to sign up as many projects as they can in the shortest amount of time as they can. Obviously, that type of practice does not support the diligence it requires to handle an insurance claim in the customer’s best interest.

Texas is notorious for experiencing severe weather conditions, such as heat advisories, hail storms and damaging winds, hurricanes, tornados, ice and snow storms. These weather conditions can pose a devastating effect on structures that have not been properly prepared for the intensity, or simply cannot provide defense due to age.

It is, without a doubt, not an effortless task. However, a qualified contractor will put the time and effort into supporting each line item that is justified for your allowance.

Crewlyn Contracting has a distinguished reputation for dominating insurance claims, and we have successfully assisted thousands of customers through the process. There are very few that know the strategy as well. We have invested in the same software as the majority of insurance companies use to sign estimates, supplements, and releasing of recoverable depreciation. Applying the preferred formats along with the key information needed allows us to reduce the common delays involved throughout the insurance process and mitigate any indifferences.

Crewlyn Contracting is proud to be known as the reliable experts that handle insurance claims most proficiently.

Why You Should Hire a Roofing Company that Specializes in Insurance Claims

Hiring a roofing company that specializes in claims can help you:

  • Ensure that your insurance is allowing market value to complete the work back to pre-storm condition. New roofs are a big investment and need to be done right. You do not need to settle with the cheapest roofing company, hoping it gets done correctly because the claim amount is lower than estimates received by reputable companies, like Crewlyn. With your approval, we will submit supplements to ensure your get the value you deserve.
  • Make sure that someone properly documents and assesses the damages to simplify the process and ensure justification.
  • Acquire an accurate estimate of the cost of repairs for both you and the insurance company.
Storm Damage Roofing

How Crewlyn Contracting Can Help

At Crewlyn Contracting, we know that a quick and simple claim process can cause you to lose money. When the insurance claim process is “easy,” homeowners often don’t receive the coverage they deserve for their roof insurance claims. Thus, they pay more out of pocket than they should.

Most of the claims that Crewlyn Contracting assists with require a significant amount of communication with the insurance claims department to obtain the proper funds necessary to cover storm damage.
We are one of the few contractors that commit to dedicating enough time to ethically fight for coverage of all justifiable costs.

We believe that it is our responsibility to educate you on the insurance claims process and provide you with a comprehensive recommendation. Then, we commit to utilizing our qualifications and expertise to advocate on your behalf.

How We Handle Roof Insurance Claims

Knowing how to depict, communicate, and submit justifiable damages to the claims department is crucial to acquiring a fair settlement from your insurance company. Someone could easily misrepresent you without your knowledge, as the submission process is highly intricate.

If this has happened to you, Crewlyn Contracting believes in fighting to recuperate your money until the end. There are a few more steps we can take to assist in rectifying any differences.

First, our team will produce a thorough assessment, which we then convert into a detailed report, including photos. We know how to document the damage in a format that insurance companies prefer. Then, we will negotiate on your behalf every line item (aka the cost of damages) that you deserve compensation for.
Finally, once we file your claim, we are at your service. Thus, you have no obligation to work with us unless we can agree on coverage with your insurance carrier to replace your roof.

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