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We offer free inspections! After the onsite assessment has been completed Crewlyn will provide a no-obligation estimate

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When to get an inspection

After a storm events (very important whether you think you have damage or not).
Visible water damage inside the home or along the overhangs.
When your roof is older, or you simply do not know the condition of your roof.

Why do I need an inspection?

Periodic roof inspections can catch issues before they become a costly problem. Your roof requires maintenance and upkeep, just like any other asset or your vehicle. With regular inspections, you have the ability to catch concerns that can possibly be resolved with simple repairs, rather than incurring unexpected expenses that require a full replacements and possible costly interior repairs.

You will find that our standards for an inspection is quite different than most. Our inspection reports, not only inform you on the condition of your roof, but educate you as to the components of your roof.
A roof inspection is a thorough examination of all roofing components on, or in your home. The inspection is performed to determine the current performance of your roof, as well as bring attention to any concerns, if any, in order to ensure your roof is performing in your best interest.

We offer free roof inspections to determine if you need a roof repair or a roof replacement. During our thorough inspection, we’ll check the various components of your roof, which could include; penetrations, chimney chases, and skylights. Then we’ll discuss your options with you. We ensure that you understand every part of the process and all the pros and cons of each choice, and we’ll keep you informed as we go.

What we are looking for

If visible at time of the inspection, Crewlyn will diagnose any problems throughout the roofing system.


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