What is a roof inspection?

A roof inspection is a comprehensive analysis, determining the condition of your roof. A thorough inspection covers every component that makes up your roofing system.
Here are just a few of the things they look for

  • Problems arising from previous repairs, or initial installation
  • Any signs of damage from wind, rain, or other weather conditions.
  • Low hanging tree branches or anything that could cause potential future damage
  • Checking the durability of flashings, pipes, and other roof accessories
  • The roof’s aging capacity
  • Missing fasteners
  • Check each seal and rubber boot around your vent pipes in case they might have any gaps or signs of damage.
  • Uneven planes and sags in the roof.
  • Gutters, soffits, drip edge, and fascias
  • Chimneys and chimney caps.
  • Attic venting. Heat and moisture tend to build up if your venting isn’t properly working.
  • Skylights and windows