Do I need to do anything to prepare my property, when having any kind of work done at my house?

Whether you’re having your roof replaced, a kitchen remodeled, or creating an addition, we always recommend Removing any garden furniture, potted plants or other items from around the edge of the house or in the area of the construction. Due to overheating in most conditions, we do not cover large trees or foundation plantings. At the end of the job, we use an air blower to remove dirt from your plants, and a large magnet to extract any fasteners.
In most cases, it is suggested to have the driveway clear to make it accessible for delivering materials, any equipment needed for the project, as well as a trailer for debris. It is always recommended to take down valuable items that could potentially fall or get damaged due to vibrations of equipment, or during the roof replacement process. When a project inside the home is taking place, we encourage you to put away valuables to avoid any damage. Depending on the scope of work, on interior projects, our team will place floor and furniture coverings, if needed.
We respect your belongings and always ask that you let us know if there are any specific items we need to pay close attention to.